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The owner of this website, SPG-FLEX INTERNATIONAL DOO Belgrade, is dedicated to protecting and respecting your privacy. It is very important for us to provide you with the conditions to use this website without any fear that you will in any way call into question your privacy. To help protect your privacy as best as possible, we will enclose this statement stating the ways in which we use the information obtained online. You can also make decisions about the way in which information about you is collected, and then use it on our WEB portal.


On some pages of this WEB portal, you can sign up for our online newsletters, or contact us via the website to receive certain information. Personal information that is related to the identity of a particular person and which can be collected on these pages include: name, sex, email address... In certain parts of some of our websites, only those who provide us with the information that identifies them, or those who explicitly accept the terms of access to these sites, will be able to access those pages.


You can use the information you provide to us to fulfill your requirements regarding our products and services, then to answer your questions about our products and services and to provide you with additional information related to our products and services, including sending periodical information via email.

Personal data obtained through this website can also be used to send information related to our products and services posted on another website that is in our possession, taking care that this information can be of use to you.

We use collected information that is not related to the identity of a particular person to improve the design and content of our WEB pages. This data allows us to personalize your use of the Internet. We can also use this data in a comprehensive way to analyze the use of our WEB portal.

Data related to the identity of a particular person can be identified as a response to a legal process, a court order, or a court order. While we take appropriate measures to ensure unauthorized disclosure of data, we can not guarantee that the collected information that is related to the identity of a particular person will never be disclosed in a manner contrary to this Privacy Statement. Finally, data related to the identity of a particular person will not be used, or transferred unless they are obtained in the ways just mentioned, and we do not offer you the ability to deter such use.


Some of the pages of this WEB site contain links to other WEB sites whose data handling may differ from ours. Visitors should read the other Privacy Statements, since we do not have control over the information they submitted or were collected by third parties.

Some pages of our WEB portal can use a reputable third party to represent, or offer commercials that you can see on these web pages. Our Privacy Statement does not cover the use of data that a third party or server may have collected from you.


In order to improve your experience on our websites, some of our websites use the so-called. Cookies are text files that are stored in your browser in order to preserve your interests. The cookies themselves do not disclose our e-mail address or any other information that is related to the identity of a particular person, unless you choose to give us this information, for example by registering on one of our WEB Portal pages. However, when you choose to provide data related to the identity of a particular person on the website, this information may be associated with data stored in the cookie.

Cookies are used to collect information about the use of our pages (statistics) and to improve content and offer on our WEB portal. For example, cookies can be used to customize the use of our WEB pages (to identify you by name when you return to our portal), save your password in areas with a password protected, and so on. 
You are able to prevent - disable the use of cookies, by setting your Internet browser for that option. However, in this case it is possible that you will be deprived of the possibility of using the interactive content of our WEB portal.


Your personal information is secret and can only be used to meet your requests, so we undertake not to provide other parties with the information we have collected, except for the purpose of legal investigation.

We have taken appropriate physical, electronic and administrative steps to ensure and help prevent unauthorized access, to preserve data security and to properly use the information we collect online.

In addition, any data voluntarily given will be used only for the purpose in which it is given.


Messages and content sent by users to any so-called. an online forum, a message board, or a chat room are not protected as confidential and can be made available to others. You are responsible for the content you provide on that occasion and you must act with care so as not to compromise your privacy.


Users under the age of 18 years should not be able to send us their personal information if they do not have the consent of the parent or guardian.


The owner of the WEB portal reserves the right to change these rules, and the changes will become effective by publishing them on this portal. Your use of the WEB portal after the change means your consent and acceptance.


If you have any questions or concerns about the protection on this WEB site or the implementation of protection, you can contact us by e-mail or by contact form.